Welcome to Lil' Wiz Bluetooth Speakers

Lil’ Wiz portable speakers were introduced by DBI International in an effort to serve the customers to enjoy music stored in personal device like Smartphone, iPhone, MP3, iPod, iPad, Tablet and Laptop in an exceptional way.

Lil’ Wiz is an innovator in the audio electronics industry and has a patented unique multimedia vibration resonance technology that is designed to turn any solid surface into a 360-degree Omni-directional dynamic expansion speaker and therefore, delivers incredibly crisp audio quality and enhanced levels of bass. The wide array of Lil’ Wiz speakers can connect, integrate and enlarge your music into any space. They are your wireless and portable indoor/outdoor party to take along.

Lil’ Wiz offers a range of top performance Bluetooth speakers for different occasions to enhance customers’ music experience. Each one has a distinguished functionality that make Lil’ Wiz speakers to stand out in comparison to the traditional wireless speakers available in the market.

Magic II
Magic II by Lil’ Wiz is a true 2.1 audio system with an unbelievable sound quality that is ideal for home and office in particular. It has a detachable mini sound bar and a powerful ported subwoofer base-station.

Tsunami speaker is made to make your outdoor activities more delightful; it is rated IPX7 waterproof and thus can safely be used in the shower, pool or the beach. It comes with a window adopter, inflatable tube and a belt clip, so you can use it with convenience on any outdoor occasion.

Thunder is a portable and compact 360-degree wireless surround Bluetooth speaker. It has four speakers and a bass driver to achieve powerful acoustics. Thunder is your perfect speaker for home and travel. It has a touch screen capacity and NFC for quick connectivity.

i-Tuke is a fashionable Bluetooth Headwear which keeps your head cozy and warm while you enjoy your music. It has a built-in microphone which is ideal to make and receive calls hands free in freezing cold in winters.

Lil’ Wiz recently introduced i-Tuke Sport Series Headband and Beanie for customers with active lifestyle. It is intended for listening to music while jogging, yoga and biking.

WizSpander’s dual functionality as a streamlined tablet stand and sound system sets the bar high for other tablet speakers in the market. It is a multi-angle adjustable stand with four passive radiators which delivers huge bass.

WizFormer is yet another marvellous invention of Lil’ Wiz which is remarkably compact, portable, and lightweight package which produces surprisingly rich and full sound. The foldable design with integrated tablet/phone stand makes it the perfect travel companion for your electronics on the go.

Lil’ Wiz
Lil’ Wiz BT/TF speaker, supplied with window adapter, delivers phenomenal 360-degree Omni-directional sound and can be attached to patio door, window, or any glass surface. Lil’ Wiz True Wireless speaker allows you to sync two units at the same time in stereo while radiating the sound in all directions.

Lil’ Wiz is committed to continually producing uncompromising and quality Bluetooth speakers with superior technology integration for its customers worldwide.